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, there is a rapidly growing percentage of evidence in any case, existing in the world. google claimed for much as 25 million individual account holders forge e-mail service. in the u.s., google reported 16,000 government requests, affecting 31,000 accounts. tiny fraction of google accounts were affected by government demand. given there are 17,000 law enforcement agencies in the united states on average, there was an average of one request per year carried it is hard to conclude from these numbers that law enforcement demands were excessive. i will close by reemphasize in the importance that access to evidence become a central part of the discussion. my practitioners and i are well aware of the need for privacy and public safety. we look forward to getting it right. >> thank you. professor kerr. >> can king for the invitation to -- thank you for the invitation to testify. , to focus on the constitutional issues. as several of you noted, leading cases so far in the lower courts indicate the fourth amendment fully protect the contents of e- mail and other remotely stored files in the cloud, meaning th
. ironically, some companies that push for net neutrality like google, have thousands of miles of servers and routers and data services. i also described at&t and verizon. from an engineering perspective, some of these tech companies look just like telecom companies. the telecom companies are this close to being regulated as a monopoly service. if he did that in the u.s. under title 2 -- if we do that in the u.s. under title 2, it would be catastrophic for the internet. >> unfortunately we are out of time. robert mcdowell, we appreciate you being here. todd shields from bloomberg. >> thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> c-span brought to you as a public service
. --t is the world of google of hooville. that is the world of dr. seuss's child reader. it's as if horton is a mega planet saving the tiny planet earth. or maybe given the socio- specificity of hooville, the modern west. so when the mayor urges for a last voice to make the hoos h crib somestarts on a path where a tiny figure dressed in crimson stands alone. his noses in the air. there is a smirk on his face. he knows what is going on and he doesn't care. he is the kind of child who in 50 stock is cruising for a bruising. who, in 1950s talk, is cruising for a bruising. the mayor grabs the young twerp. leading him up the tower and there is a wonderful bouncing scene where jojo is on the outstretched hand of the mayor and is ready to make a big statement. he clears his throat and he shouts yop. a four-year-old asked me recently why that? it rhymes. maybe it's yes, a resounding yes. but i think it's just yop. >> that's from walt whitman. >> is it? yes, that would be. but it is still actually yop. so i am reading horton as a parable on childhood, on the child yearning fo be hear
. google has already started using them. in my opening statement this creates new challenges as well. according to congressional research service, some drones have facial recognition technology and radar that can see through walls. and it is use through layers of clothing. what are the more advanced features of domestic drones, and how do you see this being developed? the technology being used on unmanned systems is no different than the technology used today by a man the systems. what it allows you to do in the concerns we are having these sorts of things that a very low cost and with a larger volume is the same things that cause the economic benefits with what we're seeing of the utilization. there is a very huge upside to this technology. you cannot stop people from misusing any technology. whether it is spatial imaging or the permiting or whatever. the lots tell you if you violate the laws, you should be punished. that may be the issue we should be discussing, the technology that exists today, not the delivery system. >> our laws need to be sophisticated as the people that are po
or google documents of the variety of services we have now. how the statute applies, will have to decide what are you when you are an electronic communications services provider. if you figure that out, you have to go through a complicated matrix to seagram how the statute applies. it was passed for a time when there were not so many hybrid communication services. with thething to do statute is to reform and update it. ecs and rcs stand for electronic communications services and remote communications services. senator lady has been focused on changing the requirements -- senator lady -- leahy has been- focusing on changing the requirements. when information is stored in the statute allows the government to get access to it without a search warrant. the only person who might get notices the service provider. wants to get a .earch warrant the federal law says investigators can gain access of any e-mail older than 180 days without a search warrant. why 180 days? death-bang xliv question. when the statute -- excellent question. the idea was that people might have abandoned their interest in
is enjoyed by a group that has historically benefited from prior discrimination. i did a quick google search in preparation for this discussion that shows not surprisingly that reference to the sneetches appears repeatedly in articles in the discussion of race with elementary students and younger students. the overwhelming majority of these articles reject the idea that acknowledging race is a desirable in dealing with young children and instead supports the necessity having we- thought-out discussions about race with students, starting in preschool. many of these articles start with the discussion of thesnee sneetches is an entry point to that discussion. but then detailed and thoughtful and nuanced and lesson plan that recognizes difference and diversity in students and aims to prepare students to deal with this diversity in real life. it's ironic that these lesson plans were discussions for children in our lowest grades and that being more nuanced than many of the discussions in our highest courts. thes pretty too can reall discussion of race and the sneetches which is used in the first
. if you google intelligence failure, the '73 war is going to be at the top of the list. i was personally involved and perhaps not entirely responsible for several others, including the iraq war and the 9/11 attacks. suggesting it is important to study our successes and failures. not just simply by studying them we will prevent making him again. we have studied a great deal, but the study of our business will make us more conscious of our mistakes and the vulnerabilities and less likely we will make those mistakes again. intimidating for me to stand here and speak on the topic of intelligence and policy when so many people in the audience have so much expertise on the subject. just among the panelists, greg has written books on the subject. bill was in the white house and experienced this event first and and has written one of the preeminent taxed on the peace process. he has forgotten more about the least that i will know and charlie has done at all. i thought i would talk a little bit about my unique perspective on a couple of issues i experienced firsthand in terms of the relationship
by ement the theft done google of people's passwords and all that. somebody broke into your house and did that you would want them arrested. they were doing it by driving by. it was egregious breach of people's privacy. i am agoing to yield now to senator klobuchar. i have to go back to the floor because of the budget matters. but senator fraken has offered to take the gavel and i appreciate that, senator fraken. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman. thank you to all of you. i do appreciate being in minnesota with the red river valley flooding and forest fires and those things that use the public safety use here. but i am concerned as i hear more about the potential for individual citizens for commercialization of this drone use and also some of the limits that were brought up even in the surveillance piece of this as well. my first question was just a follow-up on senator feinstein where she was asking about mr. toscano about the safety issues in the airspace. i understand all this 400 feet and the limitations, but if you started getting these in the hands of people that maybe didn't qui
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8